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Created: 28-OCT-2002

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Set #10 - The Beef Bunker

I have always loved hamburgers. Not the thin little patties served by the fast food chains, but the thick, meaty slabs of ground beef that prior to the big hamburger renaissance of the mid-2010s you could only make at home, or get at a very few bars.

There are exceptions to my "no thin patties" rule, and these particularly stand out to me- the first was the Mr. Fables beefburg. Made from the meat of dairy cows, a Mr. Fables beefburg was as near to perfection as a hamburger got during my high school days in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Many was the morning when I'd spend my second-hour study hall period at Mr. Fables having a late breakfast of a beefburg with onions, ketchup and olives, a cola and their infamously greasy onion rings. Even cooked to its most well-done, a Fables beefburg was still succulent. Sadly, the Mr. Fables chain is no longer with us, having succumbed in 1999 or 2000. Probably of heart disease, if I had to guess.

The second and fortunately still extant exception is Blimpy Burger on Ashley Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While the patties are thin, you compensate by piling them high. No fewer than three patties will do, with a quad or a quint making a more typical lunch. At least four choices of roll, multiple cheese selections, three different types of mustard and the option of having a fried egg on your burger help make Blimpy Burger a standout on the hamburger map. A proper Blimpy Burger is supposed to be very hard to keep together while you eat, but effort is worth it.

Over the years, I've developed a taste for sushi, curry, Middle Eastern food and a broad variety of vegetarian dishes (living in Ann Arbor, it's pretty much inevitable), but there's still a place in my heart reserved for a proper hamburger. The idea for this billboard was, consequently, to come up with a restaurant that assertively and unapologetically caters exclusively to carnivores.

Besides, the idea of a camouflage-pattern cow just plain strikes me as funny.


The Artwork

Each of the three files below contains the artwork for one billboard.

beefbunker-l.pdf     Lionel (O gauge)    
beefbunker-mr.pdf Model Railways (HO scale)
beefbunker-w.pdf Walthers and Athearn (HO scale)


-Fritz Milhaupt

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