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Created: 29-DEC-2001

Big John's BBQ billboard - thumbnail

Set #1 - Big John's Original Southern BBQ

"Big John" Dalton was a regular contributor to the rec.models.railroad Usenet newsgroup. To make a long and very funny story short, during the three years he participated in r.m.r, he single-handedly did more to foster good-natured humor and a sense of perspective than most of the rest of us regulars, combined. Big John passed away on May 3, 2001 and is sorely missed.

The tie-in to BBQ is the apparent law of nature which states that model railroaders can't get together and talk for more than a few minutes without food being introduced into the discussion. One of the legendary debates in rec.models.railroad was over what exactly consituted "proper" barbecue. Usenetters from all over the US weighed in with their opinions, and the arguing dragged on over a period of weeks until, as now seems inevitable, someone brought up haggis. "Haggis" eventually became synonymous with nearly any humorous, off-topic thread or post in rec.models.railroad-- in recognition of this, I created The Haggis Decal Project. Foremost among the "haggisters" was Big John.

I created the initial artwork for this billboard when I decided to replace the art on a scratchbuilt billboard on a corner module I built for my HO modular club, Rails on Wheels. Shortly after Big John passed away, I promised to make this artwork available online, but kept putting it off. This set is my way of making good on that promise.

The Artwork

Each of the three files below contains the artwork for one billboard.

bjsbbq-l.pdf     Lionel (O gauge)
bjsbbq-mr.pdf Model Railways (HO scale)
bjsbbq-w.pdf Walthers and Athearn (HO scale)
Due to the smaller size of the billboard, the layout and content of this one differ slightly from the version shown above.


-Fritz Milhaupt

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