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Created: 01-JAN-2002

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Set #3 - The Mystery Place

Some of my fondest memories are of the vacations my family took while I was growing up. We'd pack a tent or rent a pop-up trailer and head out on the highways. A frequent destination was Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. My father being a native of nearby Norwalk, we spent a good deal of time traveling the secondary roads in the area and so had plenty of opportunity to see the advertisements for the local tourist traps.

Time and budget constraints kept us from actually patronizing most of the wide variety of venues in northern Ohio which catered to bored travelers. All the same, I still fondly remember the names of these attractions. Places such as the Blue Hole of Castalia, the African Safari Wildlife Park, the Mystery Spot, several deer parks, and numerous others vying for a slice of the dollar pie consistently catered to the Sandusky Bay area by Cedar Point-bound tourists.

Vacations to other parts of the US showed us that similar businesses located themselves in concentrations around such places as Estes Park, Colorado, the Wisconsin Dells, the Irish Hills of southern Michigan, Niagara Falls, or pretty much any other locale with a sufficiently famous natural or man-made attraction.

The Mystery Place billboard combines the elements (especially the color!) of a few of the billboards I remember from these trips.


The Artwork

Each of the three files below contains the artwork for one billboard.

mystpl-l.pdf     Lionel (O gauge)    
mystpl-mr.pdf Model Railways (HO scale)
mystpl-w.pdf Walthers and Athearn (HO scale)


-Fritz Milhaupt

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