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Created: 21-MAY-2002

Roche Motel billboard - thumbnail

Set #8 - Roche Motel

A landmark in the area where I grew up was the Avon Motel, located along a nearby state highway at the edge of suburban commercial development. The motel itself was nothing special, but from the release of the movie Jaws in 1975 and until the motel was demolished in the mid-1980s to make way for yet another boring strip mall, the marquee along the road boasted of its "shark-free pool." That was an eye-catcher.

This billboard was inspired by the Avon and countless other independent lodgings across the U.S. The background color and the pride with which the establishment advertised on this billboard touts its swanky new carpeting and color television suggest an era about 30 to 35 years past, before the Days Inns and Budgetels either bought out or shoved aside the "little guys."


The Artwork

Each of the three files below contains the artwork for one billboard.

rochemotel-l.pdf     Lionel (O gauge)
rochemotel-mr.pdf Model Railways (HO scale)
rochemotel-w.pdf Walthers and Athearn (HO scale)

-Fritz Milhaupt

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