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Created: 27-DEC-2002

St. Hubbins' Arborland billboard - thumbnail

Set #11 - St. Hubbins' Arborland

Autumn being a busy time of year for me, it's been a while since I added any new artwork to the ol' House o' Model Billboards. Here's a new one to try to catch up.

As I traveled around Michigan and Ohio during the last few months of 2002, I once again noticed the numerous billboards advertising Bronners' Christmas Wonderland, in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I doubt that there's a rural interstate highway in Michigan that doesn't have at least one of these billboards alongside advertising "The World's Largest Christmas Store."

Since I have plenty of time for my mind to ponder unusual things while I drive cross-state, it occurred to me that Christmas gets its own dedicated store, so why not one of the "lesser" holidays? I decided that if ever there were a holiday that could use more promotion, it is the under-appreciated Arbor Day. Since it was one holiday that hasn't yet been heavily commercialized with greeting cards, appliance sales and cartoon specials designed to sell toys, I figured that it could use a good-natured bit of tongue-in-cheek promotion.

The Arborland name was unimaginatively borrowed from a shopping center that's not far from where I live. In typical form for commercial development in these parts, they tore several dozen acres of trees to put up a shopping center, then named it in their memory. Pewamo's main claim to fame is that the combined school system it shares with Westphalia is usually one of the first in Central Michigan to close down due to heavy snowfall.


The Artwork

Each of the three files below contains the artwork for one billboard.

sharbor-l.pdf     Lionel (O gauge)    
sharbor-mr.pdf Model Railways (HO scale)
sharbor-w.pdf Walthers and Athearn (HO scale)

-Fritz Milhaupt

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